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Kim Kim
Managing Director

Ever since our founding in 1992, K&C Trading Co., Ltd. based in Dar Es Salaam, the business capital of Tanzania, 
has put up utmost effort to provide high-quality yet affordable pharmaceutical products to the expectations of 
Tanzanian people who want to lead healthy lives.

Our main field of business is importation and distribution of generic medicines which are fully registered by TFDA.
(Tanzania Food and Drug Authority)

Most of the products we carry are manufactured by Shin Poong Pharmaceutical Company from South Korea 
and has been its sole distributing agent since our founding.

K&C takes great pride in being the first company ever in Tanzania to offer high-quality Korean medicines and plans 
to expand our business to neighboring countries in the near future.

Rick Park
Marketing Director

Ombeni Tadayo
General Manager

Gideon Fue
Chief Pharmacist

Boniface Mfangavo
Marketing Manager, DSM

John Rutta
Marketing Manager,

Our Management Staff